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Your story is unique - share it!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Your story. It's what makes you unique and stand out. It grabs the attention of your audience by creating powerful connections. Powerful connections = loyalty and trust. Two characteristics that make business relationships successful.

Every engagement with your followers and customers becomes meaningful when you learn to tell impactful stories.

"storytelling is about taking someone on a journey" robert fogarty

Your story doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s not something that you need to overthink. To get you started we've complied a list 6 story ideas for your business:

1. Get back to your roots - tell about your company history.

2. Highlight your location - why you love doing business were you are located.

3. Give a behind the scenes look of your day-to-day.

4. Feature a client or customer - our livelihood depends on customers, make sure to celebrate them.

5. Focus on philanthropy - what does your company do to promote the welfare of others?

6. Add humor - share a mishap or funny anecdote!

Now get out there and start telling your story. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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